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Temple Beth Abraham Tzedek Committee

Temple Beth Abraham's Tzedek Committee aims to provide opportunities for learning, dialogue, and action on social justice issues, through a Jewish lens, in order to fulfill the mitzvah of tikkun olam (repairing the world).  Our commitment to the work of tzedek (justice) is covenantal and rooted in a Torah of b’tzelem elohim  ̶   that we are all made in the image of God  ̶    and chesed (compassion for each other).

We are committed to hosting a variety of educational programming in various formats on social justice issues.  We hope this will inspire you to explore these issues with us.  For more information or to join us, please contact us at


2020 Recent Activities

Spurred by recent events of racial and social injustice, the Tzedek Committee is renewing efforts to address injustice through education, introspection and action.  Our Justice in July program specifically addressed issues of racial discrimination.  Modeled upon the Justice in June resource by Bryanna Wallace and Autumn Gupta (, the weekly series offered Zoom-based discussions for congregants around selected readings, films, videos and podcasts.  For example, the group reflected upon a sermon by Rabbi Jen Gubitz, Temple Israel of Boston, on Confronting Internalized Racism, crafted for the double portion Acharei Mot – Kedoshim, which inspired a lively and illuminating discussion.

In September, the Tzedek Committee sponsored an Implicit Bias Workshop, co-presented by Amy Parece-Grogan M.Ed., Cultural and Linguistic Competence Coordinator at the NH Office of Health Equity,, and Michelle Rosenthal.  The program introduced the concept of implicit bias.  Participants defined bias, prejudice, and discrimination, and learned how implicit bias differs.  Attendees explored and uncovered some of their own implicit biases.  The workshop concluded with a discussion around debiasing strategies for individuals and organizations. 

A Conversation on Race was held in early October with facilitators from the Granite State Organizing Project (GSOP), the largest grassroots community organizing effort in New Hampshire comprised of religious congregations, community groups, labor organizations and individuals united in concern for economic and social justice.  This program is a structured conversation about racial identities and how they shape our lives and relationships.  Many of us have questions we don’t even know how to ask.  In this structured conversation, GSOP’s multi-racial team shares basic concepts about racism and leads groups through discussions based on where people in the room are starting.

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Programs!

The Tzedek Committee has a list of resources to facilitate learning about the history and consequences of slavery and racism.  In addition, the resources provide a variety of actions we can take to address the sources and effects of discrimination. 
Click here for resources for more learning and doing


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