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Sukkah "Story Corps"

On Sukkot there is a tradition called ushpizin, or "special guests." It may flow from an idea that the Sukkah booth is like the tent of our ancestors Sarah and Avraham, who would not only look for new people to welcome but look for ways to learn about them and what was important to them.

In that spirit, we can use Sukkot as a time for our own kind of Story Corps! (Click here for background on the Story Corps project that's our inspiration!) If you'd like to have a conversation with someone in our Jewish community who you don't know at all or very well, here are two ways to participate:

1. Send Rabbi Jon a note, get a match and then get in touch with each other (you'll hear sometime after Wednesday afternoon), OR

2. Come to any service event at the Sukkah and meet someone by the "Sukkah Story Corps" poster

You can arrange to meet at the synagogue Sukkah, or to talk on the phone (Facetime, Zoom, etc.). Keep in mind: No assumptions about someone's story -- how they grew up, their religious background, what they know about Judaism, when they first encountered or became interested in Jewish community. Here are some questions to choose from to ask each other, in any order:

  • What is one of your earliest memories about Judaism?
  • What's your best memory about grade school?
  • Do you have a nickname, and if so how did you get it?
  • Where did your family or previous generations live before the U.S., and how did they get here?
  • Who is someone you admire for their ethical courage?
  • What is something you have read or heard that has influenced your spiritual outlook?
  • What is one of your favorite Jewish customs?
  • What is a moment when someone's kindness made a difference in your life?
  • What is a funny story about you or your family?
  • What is something you learned from someone in your grandparents' generation?
  • What is something that gives you hope?
  • How is your life different from what you imagined?
  • What is something you wish you could learn more about?

If you would like to share anything about your conversation, send us a note and/or a photo!

Tue, October 19 2021 13 Cheshvan 5782