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Southern New Hampshire Jewish Men's Club

where all Southern NH Jews are welcome

The Southern New Hampshire Jewish Men’s Club has been operational since 1982 meeting monthly for Sunday morning breakfasts. The mission has been loosely based on building a brotherhood of like-minded men who wish to share their commitment and values with those in the greater NH Jewish community. The SNHJMC was formed for the purpose of providing a vehicle for members to socialize and have fun!  The SNHJMC provides quality programming such as a town hall-style political event in the fall, which allows participants to submit questions via a moderator. Many of our activities are centered around our monthly Sunday morning breakfast at Temple Beth Abraham.  These programs typically coincide with our renowned Bagels and Lox breakfasts which now regularly feature eggs, potatoes, and whitefish spread. The annual breakfast line-up features varied topics which include Politics, Sports, Networking, Medical, Israel, etc., as well as our famous Children’s breakfast.  Our annual Children’s breakfast is always a fun time with highly acclaimed educational and entertaining programs geared to young and old alike. We also hold a yearly evening event which, in prior years, included a Jazz Night, Comedy Night, Big Band Night or more recently the Purim Ball.

And of course, no year is complete without the generous donation of Kiddish cups for each area bar and bat mitzvah. In addition to these generous gifts, the SNHJMC’s Bruce Retchin/Neil Goren Fund provides assistance to young people studying in Israel. Such gifts are made possible by generous donations to the Fund.

We have positive relationships with many Synagogues in the Southern New Hampshire area. We are affiliated with Temple Beth Abraham in Nashua, and many of our members belong to Temple Beth Abraham, Congregation Betenu in Amherst, and Etz Hayim Synagogue in Derry.  We do not require our members to have joined any Synagogue in the area as a condition of being a member of the SNHJMC.

SNHJMC’s Bruce Retchen / Neil Goren Fund

Do you have children or grandchildren who will be traveling to Israel as part of a semester abroad or a summer experience?  How about local Jewish summer camps?

The philanthropic arm of the Southern NH Jewish Men’s Club, the Bruce Retchin/Neil Goren fund, was instituted to provide financial stipends for our community’s youth planning such ventures. All that is required is a letter from your student or camper outlining their plans and the educational benefit of the program or camp they are attending.

Please send your request to the SNHJMC, 4 Raymond Street, Nashua NH 03064.  We ask that we receive your request by April 15th each year for timely consideration.

For more information about the Men’s Club please visit our website:

Click here for the SNHJMC online registration form.

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