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Weekday Services

Evening Minyan (daily service) takes place from Monday through Thursday evenings at 7:30 PM.

If someone is sitting shiva (observing the week of mourning), the evening minyan generally takes place at the shiva home instead of at the synagogue, and a message is sent out to the congregation and a note left on the synagogue door. If you are not on our contact list, check the calendar items on our homepage to see if the evening minyan is at a shiva home and you can call the Temple to find out the location.

We can arrange a Saturday evening or a Sunday morning/evening service for someone observing a yahrzeit (annual commemoration of a loved one's death).  Contact Rabbi Jon to arrange a service.

These are the closest weekday morning services we know of at Conservative synagogues:

Many weekday mornings 7:00 AM -- Temple Israel, 66 Salmon Street, Manchester, NH

Weekday mornings 7:00 AM -- Temple Emunah, 9 Piper Road, Lexington, MA








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