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School Philosophy

Temple Beth Abraham Religious School is committed to teaching the essential skills of Jewish living and imparting the knowledge of our rich tradition. We seek to create and foster an educational environment that promotes joy in learning and that meets each person “ba’asher hu sham” / “where (s)he is.” (Gen. 21: 17)

The goals of Temple Beth Abraham Religious School are include:

  • to foster in our children a positive Jewish identity along with strong moral and ethical values.
  • to help our children develop pride, self-awareness and knowledge of Judaism and Jewish culture.
  • to teach mitzvot Torah, Hebrew, Tefillot, Jewish holidays and history.
  • to inspire a commitment to lifelong Jewish learning
  • to provide an arena for Jewish peers to socialize, and promote a sense of havura among the students.
  • To instill in our students a commitment to Israel.
  • We seek to prepare our Hebrew School students and their families to become competent and confident with Jewish life and observance in the home, school, synagogue, local community, and in the world.
  • We affirm a commitment to Judaism’s three-fold foundation of torah,avodah and gemilut chasadim (study, worship, and acts of loving kindness) (Pirke Avot 1:2) as essential to a Jewish education.

We seek to engage and excite our students and their families, so together they can become more knowledgeable and committed Jews and responsible community members.


Offered twice a month, Junior Congregation is a Shabbat morning service geared to students in Gimel-Vav that combines teaching with prayer participation. Junior Congregation is a part of our regular school programming and all students in grades Gimel through Vav are required to attend 9 per year. Students serve as shaliah tzibur(chazan). Junior congregation is also held on both days of Rosh Hashanah and on Yom Kippur morning. Check the school calendar for specific dates.

Junior Congregation begins promptly at 10:00 in the chapel. We will daven together the morning prayers, take a brief break which includes a light snack and return to the chapel for our Torah Service. All services will conclude together in the sanctuary. Jr. Congregants will join the rest of the congregation at 11:45 a.m.


Madrikhim are older school students who choose to work in the school as an aide in lower grade classrooms. Most classrooms will have at least one Madrikh depending on availability. Madrikh means "guide" and the role of the Madrikh is to assist in guiding the children through their religious school experience. They are there to give students individualized attention and to assist the teachers with a variety of activities. They also serve as positive role models for the students.

Our Religious School is one of only 85 schools in North America recognized as a Framework for Excellence School, a national certification granted by the United Synagogue for Conservative Judaism.




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