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Religious School FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I drop off and pick up my student?
    • Students need to be at school before the beginning of class at 3:45 p.m. You may park your car in the parking lot behind the school or in the synagogue parking lot and escort your child into school.
    • If you prefer to drop off your child and not exit your car, please drop off safely on Raymond Street in front of the school’s front door. DO NOT drop children off on the synagogue side of the street.
    • Students need to be picked up at 6:15 in the lobby. If you need to dismiss your student before this time please go to the office to sign them out and we will be happy to retrieve your student.
  • Since this is a program after his/her day school, what do I do about snacks? Are they provided, do I need to send them in?
    • Food brought into the school must be in an unopened package and must be marked Kosher. Snacks, juice and water may be bought at the school during a break in studies for $0.50 each item.
  • Is there a dress code for Hebrew School?
    • Appropriate clothing should be worn to school just as it might be with a regular day school. Skirts and shorts should be an appropriate length; shirts should have appropriate slogans. Halter-tops, tank tops, camisoles or spaghetti straps are not appropriate for Hebrew school. Attire should match the season i.e. coats and boots during winter.
  • What is the school policy for electronic devices (i.e. gaming devices, iPods, etc.)?
    • Gaming devices and other electronics are not allowed in the school. Phones may be brought into school but must be turned off and put away.
  • My child has an IEP, what accommodations are made for children with disabilities?
    • We will attempt to make appropriate accommodations for every child in our program. We believe that every child should have an opportunity to learn according to his/her own way. We encourage families to share any information provided by schools or professionals that will help us ensure that your child will be successful.
  • Do we as a family need to be members of the temple in order to enroll in the school?
    • You do not need to be a member of the temple to be able to enroll your child in Hebrew school. There is a difference in the tuition depending upon your membership status.
  • How much Hebrew does my child need to know before enrolling in school?
    • It is not necessary for a student to know any Hebrew in order to attend TBA Religious School. In school support is available for students who are not at grade level and a variety of tutoring options are available.
  • How much Hebrew do I need to know in order to help my child?
    • Any knowledge of Hebrew will be helpful in supporting your child’s learning but is not required. Working along with your child and supporting his/her efforts will increase your knowledge as well and periodically Hebrew Reading classes for adults are offered through our Life Long Learning program.
  • How much of the time is devoted to teaching prayers and how much is devoted to conversational Hebrew?
    • Our Hebrew Curriculum focuses primarily on prayer Hebrew. Students get an overall understanding of prayers; work on reading fluency and pay attention to the meaning of key words often found in prayer.
    • Hebrew enrichment is included in our curriculum allowing students to make the connection between the language of prayer and modern, spoken Hebrew.
  • Is the school nut free?
    • Currently our school has not been designated as nut free but food served to students in the school as part of a school function does not contain nuts.
  • What is Junior Congregation and is attendance mandatory?
    • Junior Congregation is a learning service that happens about twice per month that will help deepen your child’s understanding of the parts of the Shabbat service. It is geared toward students in the third through the sixth grades.
    • Students are required to attend nine Jr. Congregation services a year as it is a part of our overall curriculum.
  • How do I get feedback about how my child is doing in the classroom? How often can I get information from the teachers?
    • Twice per year teachers will prepare progress/report cards regarding your child’s progress in the grade level curriculum. Early in the year we hold an open house for parents and after the mid term report we hold parent/teacher conferences. Teachers are available 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after class to make an appointment to talk, many can be reached by email and all can be reached by leaving a message at the school.
  • I am interested in volunteering my time to the school. What kinds of things can I do to help?
    • Yes! By all means we would welcome some additional hands to help out!
    • Parent Volunteer opportunities include serving on the education committee, fundraising, becoming a class parent, making phone calls, helping to plan Shabbat dinners or luncheons, food shopping, food prep, helping with school programs, Purim carnival, driving to deliver Mishloach Manot, and much more!
    • Please contact the office if you wish to volunteer.




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