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Rabbi Jon Spira-Savett

Shalom and welcome to Temple Beth Abraham! Our synagogue's name means "House of Abraham", and we strive in our house to live out the middot (qualities of character) that Jewish tradition teaches us about Abraham and Sarah, the founders of the Jewish people.

Sarah and Abraham pitched their tent at the crossroads and stayed close to the front door, so they could greet anyone passing by. They provided food and drink, good conversation, and an escort into the sometimes dangerous territory around them. We strive to make their spirit of hospitality, mutual support, and giving the hallmark of our congregation.

Each of us tries to live a life grounded in values and ideals. I see the synagogue as a well where we draw from the mayyim chayyim, the living waters of our Torah. In quiet moments of prayer, in discussion and study, and just by seeing other people gathered for holy purposes, we can find more strength as we try to align our lives with what they ought to be.

I hope you will find through Temple Beth Abraham many opportunities for fellowship, celebration, study, social action, and Jewish culture. Some of it is here in our sacred space. We do it too in each others' homes around a Shabbat table, in discussion groups at someone's place of business, and even on-line.  And there are many places in the synagogue to volunteer your talents and interests as well, to help build and strengthen our community.

My door here is always open for you (and for that matter, my telephone and e-mail as well). For Jewish questions, a confidential sounding board, a place to share reflections on the congregation, or no particular reason. You can contact me here.

I look forward to getting to know you. B'ruchim haba'im – welcome!

Tue, January 25 2022 23 Shevat 5782