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                           Pesach (Passover) 2021

Pesach Begins Saturday Night, March 27 With the First Seder!

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Can we help you with Passover shopping, a Hagaddah for the Seder, helping you set up your computer or camera, a Zoom Seder to atttend, or anything else? Click here, fill out the form and we'll be right in touch!

Upcoming Events:



Community Second Seder on Zoom
Sunday, March 28
5:30 pm

More information and (free) registration here

Exploring Judaism, 
Passover Edition

Tuesday, March 23 
6:15 pm

Click here to learn with Rabbi Jon



Guide for eating "Kosher for Passover" this year -- Click here to learn some of the meaning behind how we eat and some easy and inexpensive ways to do it.

Form to sell your chametz (leavened items)


Downloadable/printable Haggadah -- Rabbi Jon's cut-and-paste mostly from On Wings of Freedom, a hard-to-get but wonderful Haggadah. For personal use or use of your personal guests only. I've marked the parts that would make up an "essential" simplified Seder in here.

Rabbi Jon's pandemic Seder reflections from 2020

Zentangle Afikomen by Lela Spira-Savett
Print it out or view it on screen and try to find the two hidden matzahs during your Seder!

Printable, easist Seder plate possible!

Want Rabbi Jon "lead your Seder" by audio? Here is a recording that's about 35 minutes with the "essentials" of the Seder, which you can follow along with. If you'd like to read/sing along from the same pages, it's this Haggadah (same one linked above).

Rabbinical Assembly -- 2-hour Seder you can follow along
This complete traditional Seder is on YouTube. You can click here for the whole video or you can click here for a "playlist" with each part for you to select.

Rabbis around the country 30-minute Family Seder
Click here for the video. There are different rabbis and their families, each doing a part.

Seder safety -- Once again we are observing the Seders sheltering during a time of contemporary plague and anticipating freedom around the corner. Most of us will be in our homes separately or connected by technology. The CDC guidelines are that adults can gather without concern about 6-foot spacing or masks with members of the same household or pod; among people all of whom have been fully vaccinated; or among people who have been fully vaccinated and one other household at low-risk for Covid-19. If the weather cooperates, Seders in yards or open garages are also possible among people who have not been vaccinated, with sufficient spacing and food/serving dishes not shared between households.

Coming soon -- more on how to lead a Seder, recordings to use at your Seder, and more!

Tue, October 19 2021 13 Cheshvan 5782