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We are roots for you in a fast-moving world. Seekers, questioners, and traditionalists. Our builders come from every kind of background and connection to Judaism and the Jewish people. We're there for you when you want to sing and lift your spirit in celebration, and to support each other through loss. We blend and learn from the ancient and modern; from biblical, Talmudic, scientific. We seek insight, inspiration, and challenge to live our best lives and bring goodness into the world.

Help us build and grow this community, named for our ancestors Sarah and Avraham. They moved an open tent all over a land that was new to them, offering food and friendship and wisdom, learning from everyone they encountered.

As a member, you'll have the pride of being a creator of this community, which is 125 years old and still youthful. Learn more about some of the practical perks and privileges of membership below, or let one of us call you and talk to you more.

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