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                              High Holy Days 2021

As much as ever, we need the High Holy Day season this year.
Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur -- and Elul, the month of reflection right before,
and Sukkot, the festival of rebuilding that comes right after.

We need this season to rediscover hope and joy.
And to rediscover each other, because we’re in this together.

We’ll start the Jewish New Year differently this fall.
We will start together, even if together is different. There's something
for everyone. No matter what your relationship is to God.
Or to Zoom!

We are offering online, in-person, and do-it-yourself choices.

We are offering traditional services, alternative services,
child-and-family services, and afternoon experiences that
aren't like regular services at all.

Don't worry about making the perfect schedule.
There is no wrong path here. Find some ways to renew and reflect,
and to feel part of the large Jewish community.

Service and Program Descriptions

Traditional Service

Traditional prayers and melodies, led by Rabbi Jon, Chazzan Stan Juda, and David Sacks. Interspersed with short explanations and music prerecorded by our Zimria choir. Participation online open to all, or we can accommodate some people in our synagogue parking lot and Sanctuary.

Click here for more description, schedule/outline of morning services, and melodies

ReNewYEAR Service

Led by nationally-known musician-educator Eliana Light. Shorter, upbeat service for seekers or those looking for a change of pace. Prayers in new versions and styles, and new ways of looking at old rituals and words. With Eliana’s beautiful voice and guitar accompaniment.

Click here for more information and melodies and to download a copy of Eliana's prayerbook 

Family Services
With Eliana Light

Join Eliana for real conversations with our family members and connect with community around the country. Let's focus on what we need right now: love, comfort, justice, and hope for a brighter future. Short (but sweet!) services designed for kids of all ages and their adults!

Afternoon Services
Outdoors or Online

On Yom Kippur we will gather in an open space for conservation and some informal prayer based on the "Avodah of the High Priest", the celebration of Yom Kippur from the time of the Second Temple.

Shofar Together

On Sunday, the second day
of Rosh Hashanah, come
to a big parking area for 15 minutes to hear the shofar
in person and get that sense
of large community we’re
missing this year.

Members and registered guests will receive the location information.

Shofar To You

We want to make sure every congregant can hear the
shofar in person, live.
Sign up here and someone will come to your yard or to a public place near you so you can hear the 100 traditional blasts.

Private Sanctuary Time

If you want to be in our sacred space but not with other people, reserve 15 minutes during the weeks of Elul or the days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Stand in front of the ark, and if you wish hear the shofar and receive a blessing.
Click here to view available times and sign up

Do It Yourself Resources

Mon, March 8 2021 24 Adar 5781