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Fall 2020 Update

Sunday Hebrew



Grades 2-3
What a delightful group!  Initial Hebrew Assessments have been completed indicating a need to focus on the aleph-bet.  We have begun this work in fun kinesthetic activities along with the well-known Hebrew Through Movement Program.  Ask your child to “lalechet!”  (Sharon Spivak)

Grades 5-6
Hebrew is off to a great start! The students took time to interview each other and learn each other's favorite ice cream topping, favorite Jewish hero, favorite Hebrew word to say, and more. Each student was individually assessed to ascertain where they were in their Hebrew learning journey. We decided to spend some time reviewing past material so that the students could re-familiarize themselves with the Hebrew letters and vocabulary before we moved forward to new and exciting modern Hebrew conversation. We have reviewed "Good morning," "My name is," "What is your name?" "How are you?" and the appropriate responses. (Gabrielle Jacobs)

 Sunday Judaics

Grades K-1 
We are enjoying getting to know each other and have had fun filled lessons including crafts, activities, songs, and games. We are enjoying learning about important Jewish values through stories in the Torah and learn how we can all apply them to our own lives.​

In each session we start with mifgash (meeting) during which we learn and review our Hebrew words and phrases, introduce the topic of the day, tell the story and have a discussion. We then go to work on the project of the day, have a snack break, and conclude our session with an active play game.

We started off with the Jewish value of Shalom (Peace) and starting to learn some basic Hebrew words and phrases. The Torah stories we have learned so far are: The story of creation and Noah’s ark, and had some interesting discussions about how whose stories relate to the Shalom value.

In our conversational Hebrew section, we started learning some basic Hebrew words and phrases. Each lesson, we add new Hebrew words and review previous lesson’s words. During our active play portion of the lesson, we often play Hebrew Through Movement games and learn the Hebrew words by responding to Hebrew commands. (Lena Moen)

Grades 2-3
We have been having a lot of fun in Judaica! So much fun that we created our own dance move called "the stretch" (this is when you look like you are raising your hand but in fact, you are stretching). We started exploring why values are important to us and how they differ from mitzovt (commandments). We then took an in-depth look at the Jewish values of g'vuarh (courage) and k'hillah (community).

We read the story "Bone Button Borscht" (a Jewish retelling of the stone soup tale) and uncovered the instances of g'vurah and k'hillah in the story, as well as, our yet to be investigated Jewish values of hessed (kindness) and shalom (peace). The students also created their own stained glass windows in the shape of a Jewish symbol that is of importance to them using tissue paper. Moving forward we will explore two additional Jewish values and culminate with a big project! Stay tuned to find out what it will be... (Gabrielle Jacobs)

Grades 4-6
As a Jewish Educator, I am excited about our new approach to learning through our Project Based Learning Program.  We are examining four Jewish Values: Shalom, Kehilah (Community), Gevurah (Inner strength used for good), and Hesed (A short journey to the deep meaning of this Hebrew word might be Grace, Kindness, Faithfulness...but it’s more than a feeling - it involves non-obligatory action as well). 

We have explored Shalom and Kehilah via group discussions and the Number One Game Show in America - KNOW YOUR COMMUNITY CHALLENGE!  This coming Sunday, we will determine the winner of our Game Show and begin working on our final project - using what we have learned to create a product that will enlighten and inspire others.  We will be creating a new line of Greeting Cards that we plan to professionally print and sell.  The cards will feature each of our 4 Jewish Values and what has been learned about them.  We have exciting work ahead of us! (Sharon Spivak)

Mo'adon (Jewish Clubs)

Art Club
Every other Wednesday I happily drive to Temple Beth Abraham for Art Club.  It may be a smaller group than originally thought, but we still have a great time!  Our focus the last two meetings have been on Zentangle-esque pen and ink art!  Here is a not-yet-finished piece - Wow!  Just love it! (Sharon Spivak)

Conversational Hebrew Club
Hebrew Club has been meeting every Monday in both Jerusalem and a cluster of towns in NH for some Hebrew speaking practice and a whole lot of כיף (fun)! So far, we've learned vocabulary to talk about life in Jerusalem, and to describe the members of our families (including the furry ones). We are working on question words, and beginning to learn the colors. Our meetings are full of videos, music, and pictures of animals wearing sunglasses. We are having a blast! (Gabby Foster)

 Drama Club
 The DRAMA CLUB is happening!  We meet Thursday afternoons IN  PERSON (masked & physically distanced) at Temple Beth Abraham in the Social Hall where we use our imaginations to portray, create and dramatize ideas, characters and scenes. We began with a name game introducing ourselves as we each said our name expressively with a big physical movement. It was fun to copy and repeat each other's name-movement. We do a lot of moving around doing Imagination Walks from one side of the room to the other in different characters, moods, and exaggerated physical movement. Who ever thought there were so many different ways a person could walk? Some examples: slow motion; side ways; on tip toe; with bent knees; as an elephant, giraffe, snake, eagle or other animal; in a feeling state: exhausted, excited, angry and more; doing an activity: dribbling a basketball, dancing, being followed and so many other student suggestions, too. Another drama game is choosing a word or phrase, saying it as many ways as possible and then having a dialogue just using that phrase, like "I know" and "No"-"Yes" and also having a conversation in gibberish. We've started doing character charades, acting out, and dramatizing scenes and stories.
We're having a fun time getting together each week to have expressively dramatic time! (Esther Kosofsky)

D&D Club
Dungeons and Dragons Club is a thematically Jewish rendition of the classic role playing game. As the Dungeon Master, Morah Belin weaves a tale of epic heroes and dastardly villains, while asking the central question: How does Judaism influence my decision making? All of the characters (villains included) are Jewish, each with their own perspective on morality and religion. The players take on a quest to save creation itself... or let other forces guide their fates. (Belin Hegfield)


COVID-19 and Our Programs

To maintain the health and safety of our program participants and staff, we have taken the following steps at TBA events and programs:

1. All programs have an online participation option. 

2. In-person programs will take place either outside under a large tent, or inside large open spaces. Either way, social distance will be observed at all times, and masks covering the nose and mouth are required indoors and at other appropriate times. 

3. Handwashing and alcohol-based sanitizers will be available at all gatherings. 

4. No food, art supplies or other equipment will be shared. All materials will be for individual use. 

5. We ask that you stay home if you are exhibiting fever, cough, diarrhea, changes in smell or taste, cold or flu-like symptoms, or if you have been exposed recently to someone with such symptoms or a COVID-19 positive test.

Fri, May 14 2021 3 Sivan 5781