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List of Donation Choices

Restricted Funds are used for the purposes listed and have specific rules regarding the use of funds and approvals required.  Most restricted funds only allow the use of income earned on that fund and require approval by the Board.  Designated Donations differ from restricted funds because they can be used in their entirety for the designated purpose.  Board approval is generally not required although there is oversight through the budget and financial reporting process.

List of Restricted Funds available

Fund Name Description
Benjamin Freedman Fund for Cultural Enrichment The earnings from this fund will be used to help offset the costs of synagogue sponsored events such as International Dinners, Artists in Residence, and Speakers. These projects will meet the goal of fostering a connection to Judaism through a cultural lens.
Building Fund
donations are used for mortgage reduction or specific new items donated to the temple; (e.g. windows).
Capital Improvement Fund donations are used to fund major repairs to existing building, equipment & furnishings.
Elizabeth Fisher Memorial  Fund Supports Educational Programing for Adults & Families at Temple Beth Abraham
Endowment Fund Earnings are used to help fund general programming & Synagogue operations.  Donations and bequests used to ensure long term financial security of TBA. 
Eva Pastor Memorial Fund Earnings & New Donations to this fund provide for special purchase of Equipment & Supplies for religious school.
General Fund (Operating Fund) Used for general programming & Synagogue operations
Green Garden Fund Donations to be used for maintaining the herb gardens, flower beds, and other garden-related educational partnerships or projects.
Jason Schenker Memorial Fund Donations used to maintain a music & media library in the Religious School (to continue Jason’s work and dedication to music education for children & adults)
Haymes Memorial Torah Refurbishment Fund Monies in this fund are used for current & future refurbishment of TBA's Torahs
Library  Fund Used to purchase Books & Supplies for Temple Library
Marilyn and Earl Prolman Family Endowment Fund Donations are used to support the infrastructure, programs, tuition support, High Holiday flowers, outside and inside maintenance, and Chesed in the community.
Porter  (Park) Fund Earnings and New contributions to this fund support the maintenance of Porter Park, the land where our religious school is located.
Porter Scholarship Fund Annually provides a $100 bond in recognition of outstanding performance by a student in each religious school class.  May also be used for tuition assistance and to support religious school staff development.
Prayer Book Fund Specific donations of $36 or more are used to purchase weekly or High Holidays prayer books in honor or memory of someone. Chumashim may be purchased for $72.  Other general donations used for prayer books as needed.
Rabbi Discretionary Fund Donations are used solely at the discretion of the Rabbi
Religious school scholarship Fund This fund combined the existing P Gordon Fund,  and Pastor funds  used to assist families with tuition.
School & Family Special Programming Fund Board of Directors as recommended by Treasurer determined at budget process
Tzedakah Fund Donations to this fund are used to help members of the community in need.


List of Designated Donations Available

Fund Name Description
These donations are to acknowledge an aliyah or honor received and are used for general operations of Temple Beth Abraham.
Chesed The mission of the Chesed committee is to provide direct service to congregants during times of need.  We deliver home cooked meals to those who are ill, recovering from surgery, or  need some assistance for other reasons.  We have also organized visits to the elderly, rides to doctor appointments,  and helped with laundry  and other household tasks.  Donations would be used to buy ingredients for community cooking sessions where we meet in the Temple kitchen to cook quantities of soup, quiches, and other dishes that are frozen for later use.
General Donations These donations are used for general operations of Temple Beth Abraham.
High Holiday Bima Flowers These donations are used to sponsor the bima flowers for the High Holidays.
High Holiday Honors These donations are to acknowledge an aliyah or honor received during the High Holidays and are used for general operations of Temple Beth Abraham.
Kiddush These donations are used to sponsor a Kiddush meal after services.
Memorial Book  
Scholar-in-Residence These donations are used to sponsor the speaker stipend and travel related expenses associated with the scholar-in-residence program.
Tuition Donations These donations are used for general operations of Temple Beth Abraham.
Yahrzeit/Yizkor Donations These donations are to acknowledge a yahrzeit and are used for general operations of Temple Beth Abraham.
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